Passing Data From View to Layout via pageProperty

I am writing a new Grails application which uses the website template Admintasia. Part of the layout gsp file has a section for the header and sub-header. For this to be used, I needed to be able to pass those two strings from the view to the layout.

Here's what my view looks like:

  <meta name="layout" content="admintasia"/>
  <meta name="pageHeader" content="This is a test" />
  <meta name="pageSubHeader" content="blah blah blah" />

And here's what my layout looks like:

<h2><g:pageProperty name="meta.pageHeader"  
          default="MISSING PAGE HEADER" /></h2>

<h4><g:pageProperty name="meta.pageSubHeader"  
          default="" /></h4>

I hope this helps out!